"Rather Be Riding / Gone Riding reversible "signs" (wall or desk décor) can be customized with Harley Davidson, Honda Goldwing, BMW, Indian Motorcycles; or with bicycles, trikes, horses and/or mules.

​​​"Poor-Man's Toy Hauler" ... You KNOW you want one!

We have converted a cargo-type box trailer into a "toy hauler" that will transport a motorcycle

and a little cargo trailer, or 2 motorcycles, or a four-wheeler, or dirt bikes, or a snow machine, etc.

(A "Razor"-type won't fit in this make/model, as the door opening is too low for the roll bar.)


It has a fold-down bed, carpet, and cabinets in it for comfortable camping

in cold weather (think hunting season, fishing) or over-the-road travel (snow-bird escapes), etc.

We are done & we road-tested it!  Check out the finished product here...

Any of these wall or desk décor "signs" can be Personalized with your name, company (with copyright ok), some simpler livestock brands, hobby, team etc.  Got an idea or special request?

All photos on our website were taken by us.  Many of the travel photos are "drive-by shootings" ...from the back seat of the motorcycle at highway speeds.

**All prices will vary according to the amount of customization & personalization.**

** Our products are one of a kind, built by one craftsman, one at a time. **

Don’t see what you want here? Doesn’t mean we can’t build it! Click Here!

Everything is Custom -- Made Just For You

JMH Limited Editions handcrafted leather work & wood projects, designs, jigs and consultation. Woodworking.

JMH Limited Editions specialty consultation in construction improvements and remodeling. Made in Montana.

JMH Limited Editions.

Please pardon our sawdust and scraps.  This site is perpetually under construction. 
Thank you for your interest and your patience.

Wood projects are available in a number of wood species, as well as stain colors. We will do smaller projects (fun things, picture frames, etc.) with walnut, oak, pine, poplar, maple, or cedar, etc. - according to availability. Large furniture items are usually built from fir or oak, then stained and finished according to your preference.

**Note: We do use high-quality pine, fir, oak, or other hardwood plywood; but prefer not to ever build anything from particle board, fiber board, chip board, pressed wood product, etc. In certain applications, plywood remains straighter and stronger than natural wood.**

Your creation can be left with its natural color, or stained in a variety of wood colors. (We prefer not to use paint, but this can be negotiated.)

Your creation can be naturally finished and hand-rubbed with Danish Oil, or protective finished with either a brushed-on or sprayed-on polyurethane coating.

Wouldn't this make you a great hunting cabin this fall?   Would you like us to convert your cargo trailer?

~~  For Sale $11,500 US  ~~

The electrical wiring was completely re-done. We have fully insulated the ceiling and walls. 

The "Murphy Bed" is installed -- it's a full-size bed that can sleep 2, folds up against the wall for traveling,

and now has a fold-out table built in the bottom side!  We added carpet for the "living room," too.


​Freehand-Routered or Laser-Engraved Custom "Signs"​