Snapped Leather Wrap for a Pint Glass

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Laser-Engraved - Snapped - Leather Wrap (aka: Sleeve, Cuff, Cozy, etc.)  for a Pint Glass

(Glass is NOT included.) 

Do you have a favorite pub or brewery that you like to frequent? How about a leather wrapper with your name, funny clip art, your (legally owned) company logo or brand... ??? 
Includes 3 snaps (not just 2 as shown in photos).
(We can create a bulk price if you want these for your brewery or pub. - Please contact us before ordering.)

Everything we do is Solid, High-Quality, Made To Order by ONE (1) USA human craftsman --one at a time --and can be customized.

This item is built and custom made after it is ordered and should ship within 1-2 weeks.

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