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Avant Garden Decor is another awesome blog for anything about gardening

or natural products and home-grown recipes. (And they are real people, too!)

The Best Indeed also has an extensive list of Home Improvement Ideas & Resources.

This is a good forum to learn anything you want to know about leather working.  (You can look Mark up as "Festus56.")

We received this nice recommendation in our email the other day:

"My name's Sandy, and like you, there's nothing quite like working with your hands, no matter how small or big the project is..there's just something about it that cannot be matched. I was curious if you were still updating the JMH website's favorite links page. If you are open to new favorites, I have one I'd like to recommend.
I think Nifty Homestead ( would be a terrific addition. So many gardening sites are sales driven and ultimately just want your money, but Nifty is far from that. Their home/gardening website is a powerhouse of information of all sorts and sizes. Whether you're interested in gardening, raising chickens, building; tiny home guides, green/natural building, solar power, or DIY homestead living,

Nifty has it all! 
All of the content is free to readers and updated often! Their site also has monthly free giveaways and has content that is seasonal focused; like gardening gifts for the holiday season ( Please let me know if you you'd be interested in sharing this resource Mark or if you have any questions. I hope to hear from you soon!
Best regards, Sandy"

Click on these 2 buttons to check out Nifty Homestead's blog and gift ideas.

Backyard Greenhouse & Gardening,

                 Sustainability & Self-Sufficiency...

We are now registered to use the "Made In Montana" logo!

Here's another extensive list of Gardening Resources.

Some favorite shopping spots... when spring fever hits...

You can enjoy a few of our favorite sites, too...

Every craftsman has their favorite suppliers.

And then there's football... 

It's a good thing football season is usually too cold for riding!

Shopping for specialty tools and supplies seems to be a daily thing.

For the "World's Toughest Riders."

Some of the U.S. travel and regional photos found on our travel page may have been taken from the back seat

of the motorcycle while we were on one of our "SaddleSore 1000™" rides, or on our "BunBurner 1500™" ride!  

**Note: "Iron Butt™" is the trade name and trademark of the Iron Butt Association.**

(See our "About Us" page.)

If we don't have or make something you want, someone on Lumberjocks probably does.

(You can look up Mark as "Festus56.")

This is where we visit with folks like us who love to ride and camp.  You can look Mark up as "Festus."

We like recommending sites that provide information and products that are important to us. 


All photos on our website were taken by us.  Many of the travel photos are "drive-by shootings" ...from the back seat of the motorcycle at highway speeds.

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** Our products are one of a kind, built by one craftsman, one at a time. **

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