Custom Fit & Custom Created to fit  YOUR  Pistol / Hand Gun, Knife, Axe/Hatchet, Cleaver, etc.  

Shoulder Holster Harnesses are adjustable & can be custom-made to fit you.

Pistol / Hand Gun Holsters are NOT listed in our online shops & must be ordered directly from us.  After everything is discussed and details are worked out, we will send a PayPal request for funds to you via email.
Everything we do is Solid, High-Quality, Made To Order by ONE (1) USA human craftsman --one at a time. 
We begin work on your item after you have made your purchase -- after we have had an email/messenger conversation back-and-forth to work out the details of exactly what you want. 
Contact info for pre-order conversations about make/model/size/personalization, etc.:  Contact Us
307.299.8693 & Leave a message
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Custom Fit Belt Loop Style Holsters for Revolver-Type Pistols

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Custom - Made to Fit - Knife & Axe Sheaths by JMH Limited Editions

Shoulder Holster / Harness Sets  (Made to fit any style side arm & left- or right-hand access.)

Wet-Formed Custom Fit Holsters for Auto/Semi Auto-Type Hand Guns & Magazines

Pistol / Side-Arm Holsters ​&  Shoulder Holsters  **Magazine Holsters** & ** Blade Sheaths **