All of the items shown in pictures on our website are examples of what we can build for you. 

** Our products are one of a kind, built by one craftsman, one at a time. **

Everything is Custom.  We will build the item you want - brand new just for you.

** Note - Personalization and Laser-Engraving will be extra. **

We have very few items pre-made & ready to sell. Please use our "Contact Us" forms to inquire about availability.

To order, or to ask questions about an item, go to the "Contact Us" page and submit your request.

Prices shown here are estimates for reference purposes - they are not "set in stone."

  • 2"  wooden dice - oak with walnut pips (or walnut with oak pips, etc.), natural finish   ± $25 USD /set of 5

  • Wine bottle balancer - single wood species ± $20 USD,  laminated   ± $30 USD.  --  Wine-bottle-balanced wine glass holder for 2 glasses - single wood species ± $20 USD, laminated  ±  $30 USD.  --  Wine-bottle-balanced wine glass holder for 4 glasses - single wood species  ± $25 USD,  laminated  ± $35 USD

  • ​Whiskey/Wine serving trays​ starting at $45 USD (single wood species) -- price varies with wood species, finish. (Laminated walnut and oak or birch with -- 2 species -- starting at $65.

  • Inlaid "29" cribbage board w/ metal pegs ± $150 USD;   with matching stand and metal pegs  ± $165 USD

  • Tooled leather "29 and cards" cribbage board laminated on wood (& pegs) ± $165 USD;  with stand ± $180 USD

  • Tooled leather "Sweetheart" cribbage board laminated on wood (& pegs) ± $165 USD; with stand ± $180 USD

  • Inlaid ("S-track" or "e-track") basic traditional rectangle board 13"x3.25" (with pegs) ± $125 USD

  • Custom design "Perfect 29 Hand" hand-tooled "basket weave" pattern Cribbage​ board on an elegant hand-made wood box (9"W x 11.25"L x 3"H) with velvet lining and a movable peg tray ± $300 USD

  • Laminated or "Wrapped" basic cribbage board - multi wood species - ("S-track" or "e-track" or "29")

        (with pegs) ± $75 USD

  • Regular/Basic (1 wood species) "S-track," "29," or "e-track" cribbage board (not laminated) (with pegs) ± $50​ USD

​​** See Cribbage boards and various other items at our "Etsy" store:  JMHLimitedEditions **

  • Tooled Leather-topped "S-track" basic cribbage board (one color stain) (with pegs) ± $125 USD --  Tooled Leather-topped "S-track" basic cribbage board with color-dyed tracks (with pegs) ± $150 USD

  • Coffee Table Cribbage Board - with wood dowel "pegs:" ± $250 USD basic drilled; ± $350 for Inlaid track; Full-sized with breadboard-end style (indoor), or picnic-table style for outdoors ± $500USD.

  • Custom cribbage boards - prices vary based on size, design, complexity, wood species, etc. ("Triple Diamond™" and "Diamond Demolition™" are our own trademarked Cribbage games.  We will send instructions for play with each order.)

  • Leather "front pocket" or card wallet: A basic (stitched in your choice of white or black, and stained/finished in natural, black, brown or saddle red) without tooling is $25 USD (+s&h). A wallet with just a stamp is $30 USD (+s&h). A wallet with tooling only or tooling with stamps, $40 USD (+s&h). ​

  • Bat & Baseballs (or Softballs) Rack $35 USD.   (NEW **  Ask us about Hand Tooled, Hand Stitched Leather Baseballs!)

  • ​Fun signs -- laser engraved on wood starting at $35 USD.  (Find these on our "Etsy" store:  JMHLimitedEditions.)

  • "Un-Stitched" Leather Laptop Cases (Briefcase) - Customized colors and Laser Engraving ± $300.

  • Custom-designed oak/walnut/mahogany checker table with hand-rubbed oil finish, plus a full set of custom oak and walnut magnetic checkers (built with felt-lined storage area inside)  ± $1500 USD

  • Treasure or Jewelry boxes: hand-tooled leather top jewelry box as shown starts at ± $125 USD. (A larger box, more detailed tooling, etc., would increase the price.) Velvet colors available are red, green, blue or black (possible to get rose/mauve or neutral/tan). Shipping is not included.  

  • Picnic table / benches convertible patio furniture. ± $500 plus delivery charges.

  • Humidor with Spanish cedar lining: ± $350 USD (as shown)

  • Twin over full bunkbeds with drawers built into the stairs, ± $1,800 USD per set. -- Does NOT include freight.

  • Cargo trailer /"Toy Hauler"conversions starting at ± $7,500 USD. -- Does NOT include the trailer or transportation.  ($12,500 USD for our current 2013 18' Lark Cargo Trailer /"Poor Man's Toy Hauler" conversion.)

  • Family heirloom baby cradle - as shown ± $2,500 USD. Changes and Personalization are subject to price increase.

  • ​Wood Rocking Chair - your choice of wood/color- made to fit you (model shown is Ash, large frame) ± $2,000 USD.

  • Custom Belt Options:  Plain “Latigo” finish belt – custom sized with burnished edges, belt loop, screws, and buckle -- starting at $40  (belt tip stamps = $10 extra).  Custom Hand-Tooled belt with burnished edges, optional conchos, belt loop, screws, and buckle (belt tip may be optional) – can be colored to your liking -- starting at $120.  (Contact Us for details.)  

  • Custom Hand-Stitched Leather Belt Buckles --  Laser Engraved starting at $35  --  Hand Tooled starting at $50.

  • Shop benches and cabinets, Furniture and Wood Household Décor items, etc.  (Glass-front Display Boxes, Laser Engraved Large Wall Clock, etc., price depends on size, wood, personalization, style.) (Contact Us for details​.)

  • ​Mirror Stand ( for 14"x48" wall mirror):  A custom stand – made to fit your mirror – starting at $150 (and up -- depending on customization / personalization, and wood species, etc.).  A new stand with a new mirror included starting at $200 (and up -- depending on customization / personalization, and wood species, etc.). 

  • Leather items.  If there is something you like on the Leather Projects page, email us for a quote. (There are a few small items listed on our "Etsy" store:   JMHLimitedEditions.)


**All prices / examples are in U.S. Dollars.**

  **All items add shipping & handling appropriate to size, weight, distance & speed.**

** (Extra for Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, APO/FPO -- all due to higher postage rates.) **

Sample Prices for Some of the Items on Our Pages

Check back often, we may add or delete pricing information for items you may be interested in. 

Photos and descriptions can be found on the various project pages.

Note:  All prices are USA Dollars and do NOT include shipping charges.

PAYMENT TERMS (aka the dreaded "Fine Print")  All sales are final.

​We will send a "Paypal" payment request when a project is completed -- before it is shipped to you.  (Does not apply to large furniture.)

Payment in full - also includes shipping/postage - will be required before any purchased item will be shipped or delivered. 

For small items that can be mailed or shipped easily, you will be provided information (if you choose to pay online) for making a PayPal payment.

We do not accept credit or debit cards (including gift cards).

Personal checks must clear before we will ship small items, and/or before any work on a large item(s) begins.

Large items like furniture, etc., will need to be paid for in advance and picked up in person.

Advice & Consultation Services for decks, patios, remodeling projects, tile jobs, home improvement projects, designing, etc., will be charged on either a by-the-job or an hourly basis and will be discussed at the time of service.

All photos on our website were taken by us.  Many of the travel photos are "drive-by shootings" ...from the back seat of the motorcycle at highway speeds.

**All prices will vary according to the amount of customization & personalization.**

** Our products are one of a kind, built by one craftsman, one at a time. **

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Everything is Custom -- Made Just For You

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