Just because we don't have a picture -- yet -- doesn't mean we can't build it!

~~ Scroll down to see a special "NO HARDWARE" wooden sewing box project.~~

If you can describe the project you want, we can create a sketch and/or drawing and help you design it!

**If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer looking for plans, we may have some available.  We do not have plans for all the projects shown on the pages of this website.  Please use the "Contact Us" Page Form to let us know what you are looking for.  If we have the plans for the project you are wanting to build, they will be priced between $10 and $25 USD -- depending on the complexity of both the project and the plans.**

This series of pictures below shows the design-to-completion process used for building an All-Wooden Sewing / Crafts / Trinkets Box.  Mark started with a photo of an idea; drew it up in AutoCAD; drew the pieces onto the board to make sure of the fit; cut the pieces out; then put the box together.  The first box (completed and dyed with cherry, then stained with mahogany) has six internal compartments; while the second box is stained "Golden Oak" and finished with Danish oil & has three compartments on one side and a single large compartment on the other. 

(You can see photos of these boxes on the Wood Projects page.) 

** Note that these boxes have absolutely no metal hardware, but are held together with wooden dowels! **

Project Designing

Have a wild idea, but don't know where to start? We'll be happy to help find a solution!

Some of our projects were built from patterns. Most got designed as they were being built.

Mark uses his own sketches, as well as designs he has created with computer-aided drafting.

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JMH Limited Editions.

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Everything is Custom -- Made Just For You

All photos on our website were taken by us.  Many of the travel photos are "drive-by shootings" ...from the back seat of the motorcycle at highway speeds.

**All prices will vary according to the amount of customization & personalization.**

** Our products are one of a kind, built by one craftsman, one at a time. **

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