Weather Forecasting Stones

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Do you have a job or hobby that is seriously affected by the weather?  Let us know!  

(Rancher, Farmer, Mail Carrier, Truck Driver, Weather Forecaster, etc.)

Personalized Laser Engraved "Weather Forecasting Stone" plaque for Fun Decor!
(We can laser-engrave it with your name, the name of a gift recipient, state, town, occupation, college, club, etc. -- But we do NOT engrave any officially licensed or copyrighted logos, brands or materials, unless you own them.)

We have 3 different sizes and several wood species to choose from.

The stone is a smooth river rock-type stone that has a hole drilled in it. 

The stone is tied on with string and is hung from an attached wire mast.
Hanging Hardware is NOT included.

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