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**All prices will vary according to the amount of customization & personalization.**

** Our products are one of a kind, built by one craftsman, one at a time. **

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Everything is Custom - & - Made Just For You

Jigs, Patterns & Designs for Projects Are a Specialty of Ours! 

**  Ask us about any type of specialty jig for your own woodworking projects.
We may be able to design, build, or advise the best options for you.  **

Call for more info:  307-299-8693

"We now have 3 styles of "Router Planes."  These allow us to plane surfaces up to 5 feet square and slabs up to 4 inches thick. 

We can also do big bowls and trays with openings up to 20 inches wide using our bowl bits and special jigs. 

We have created a 5-foot octagon table top using the large router plane.  We also created the baby cradle side and end details by using the smaller router plane and large bowl bit for flattening and making the recesses to add the onlay carvings."  - Mark

Router Planes (Jigs) for Large Area Projects

As a matter of necessity, the shop gets upgrades quite often.  This makes work easier;

makes the production flow more smoothly; and is more ergonomically comfortable. 

Let us know what improvements you need in your shop, and we'll get you a quote and an idea. 

Benches. Stands. Ideas for Project-Specific Jigs. Cabinets. Dust Collection. Table Saw Tools For Safety and Accuracy, Router Planes, etc.

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Workshop Benches, Stands, Jigs & Tools

JMH Limited Editions handcrafted leather work & wood projects, designs, jigs and consultation. Woodworking.

JMH Limited Editions specialty consultation in construction improvements and remodeling. Made in Montana.

JMH Limited Editions.