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Everything you see is Made in Montana, USA, in the little shop behind the house.

​~ JMH Limited Editions offers custom handcrafted leather work & handmade wood projects.  ~

 All of our items are one-of-a-kind and personally crafted the way you want.

Custom leather items:  (holsters, sheaths, wallets, etc.)

Custom Cribbage boards (e-track, S-track, hearts, state outlines, "29").

Custom cutting boards, bootjacks, furniture, décor, cabinets & woodwork! 

Everything is Custom - & - Made Just For You.   

** Our products are one of a kind, built by one craftsman, one at a time. **

 Don't see what you want here? -- Doesn't mean we can't create it!


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**Note - We only ship to USA or Canadian addresses. Heavy items must be picked up.**

Furniture and Things for Children and Babies
Home Furnishing & Decor
Yard and Patio Furniture and Fun

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